Thursday, February 25, 2010

Boots by Afro Chic Review...

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I am repeat customer of Boots by Afro Chic.
While having always done a stellar job on designing and decorating my boots, her level of dedication and customer service surpassed even my wildest expectations this carnival.

For the past couple of years I had been wearing the same boots in which Afro Chic would work her magic on. Those boots started out brown, went to turquoise, and then to silver. I was planning to reuse the same boots for this year's carnival, since they were well broken in.

Unfortunately, there was a mishap in the delivery of the boots from the US to Trini, therefore not giving me enough time to ship a new pair of boots in time for carnival. Anxiety set in because I thought it would be too late to get new boots to Trinidad and for AC to work her magic in time. I had visions of me in black or brown non matching boots, or GASP!!!, the unforgiving white sneakers.
My anxiety was unfounded. I popped Afro Chic an email, explaining the situation, to which she replied, " No problem. Bring the boots when you come to Trinidad.".

A few days prior to my travel, I received a detailed email from AC which included a highlighted map of where to drop the boots once I reached. That is what I called customer oriented.

I dropped the boots off at the designated location on the Friday before carnival.

On Sunday night around 9pm, my boots were delivered to me. Once again... I was not disappointed. My boots went from this

to this

In a short span of two days, Afro Chic had turned my boots from a piece of coal to gold! My plain black boots were now a golden carnival diva fantasy footwear appropriate for palancing and posing on Tuesday.

Goodies such as extra gems and glitter, to condoms were also included in her delivery package.

Afro Chic does an excellent job of matching boots to costumes, and I was tickled pink to see the feathers on my boots to be an exact match to the feathers on my headpiece.

I was happy with my matching coordinated look on Tuesday, and so were my feet!

Job well done Afro Chic, and I will continue to be a repeat customer!

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